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Designing a scale/test for measuring an individual’s self-esteem

The following essay is an attempt at designing a scale/test for measuring an individual’s self-esteem.

Item1: Propensity for Depression:

One of the key factors that contribute to a person’s self-esteem is his/her propensity to fall into depressive episodes.  It is well established in psychology literature that abusive experiences during formative years can have consequences for the person during adulthood.  By ascertaining whether the person is presently depressed or not, we can indirectly deduce their self-esteem levels.  Of course, no elaborate tests need be constructed for testing depressive illness, as the DSM-IV scale is sufficient for the purpose.  All those who are clinically depressed also suffer from low self-esteem during the period of depression; whereas not all people with low self-esteem fall into bouts of depression.  This is an important distinction that should be kept in mind when arriving at the final assessment of the . . . Read More

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