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Business Code of Ethics: Case studies of KPMG & Grant Thornton

The Code of Ethics adopted by a business organization reflects its approach to business.  These sets of self-imposed rules originate from the corporate social responsibility of business corporations.  It also defines the values and standards by which the company conducts its business.  It provides all stakeholders with a clear understanding of the procedures and processes at various levels of the organization.  In other words it acts as the road map or set of guidelines to help the firm in acting and conducting itself in a socially and commercially acceptable manner.

A well designed code of ethics will help highlight the resources available to achieve various goals set at the personal and corporate levels.  A good code of ethics document will inspire confidence in all business associates – like suppliers, clients and employees. (Budd, 2007) The rest of the essay will critically analyze the codes of ethics of two accounting firms and evaluate their merits in the . . . Read More

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