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My Experience attending Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Although I am personally not addicted to alcohol or narcotic drugs, I participated in the Alcoholics Anonymous program in my locality. The purpose is to glean important key insights through first hand observation and direct interaction. Although most of the participants in the 12 step program were adults, there were some who were adolescents as well. It is saddening to see teenagers fall into the vicious trap of alcohol addiction. However, it is also consoling to know that they can get cured through participation in the program. I must say that, though at the beginning I was uneasy with the whole idea, by the end of the exercise I found it enriching and rewarding.

Addiction to alcohol poses serious problems for both the addict as well as his/her family. In a culture that associates drinking with festive occasions and celebrations, over-indulgence in alcohol is to be expected. In the case of teenagers, alcohol addiction is often the result of a dysfunctional relationship with . . . Read More

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How to quit smoking?


Many people who fall addicted to smoking find it very hard to stop the habit. Yet, they must put in their best efforts to quit smoking, which will otherwise lead to serious health consequences. For people with a long time addiction to smoking, the task of weaning off the habit might seem impossible. But doctors and medical professionals have devised systematic plans for achieving this goal. For individuals who are sincere and earnest about quitting smoking following a systematic and step by step approach will pay rich dividends for health. Ideally, this process should be planned in consultation with a qualified medical professional. The rest of this essay sets out these useful steps in more detail.

Step 1: Practicing Deep Breathing:

Many people underestimate the power of this seemingly simple exercise. People who want are trying to quit smoking would probably have started by tapering down the number of cigarettes . . . Read More

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