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Media and police response to football hooliganism have tended to be disproportionate to the nature and extent of the phenomenon

Football Hooliganism has been given plenty of attention in all forms of the media.  One of the reasons why it has garnered such coverage is because it is apolitical and suits all political parties to condemn it.  Furthermore, the violence and vitriol involved in acts of hooliganism are material that are easy to sell.  In other words, the sensationalism inherent in news items of this sort interest audiences of different age groups and backgrounds.  So one could argue that media’s extensive coverage of this phenomenon has more to do with marketing the media product rather than any upkeep of journalistic values.  With this understanding one could also see the role of police in a different light.  They could be perceived as agents in the content creation process, who contribute by giving information and video footage of hooligans.   And since the media seldom question instances of police mistreatment of hooligans, they tend to act brashly and ruthlessly in controlling the . . . Read More

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