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The most important influences on the colonial experiences of Europeans in North America?

The European colonial experience in the New World is not one monolithic, homogenous entity. The wave of colonists arriving in the newly discovered continent comprised of several groups deriving from different religious, cultural, linguistic and class backgrounds. At one end of the spectrum were members of imperial royalty, whose purpose was one of administration and control of the colonies. At the other end are impoverished masses escaping political/religious prosecution in their native lands. The rest of this essay will present a glimpse into these diverse experiences of European colonialists and identify background factors and influences that shaped these experiences.

Ever since Christopher Columbus discovered the American continent, European imperial powers devised plans of exploring, occupying and ruling these territories. What is now three advanced nations of the United States, Canada and Mexico, was at the time of discovery untouched by civilization. These lands were . . . Read More

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The Case for Health Care Reform in the United States

1. What social contract for healthcare exists today? What should it be? 2. Our system (US) is based on public/private collaboration. What are the attributes of a well-functioning system? 3. What are the principles and values that should guide health care policy?

Medicare and Medicaid are two prominent healthcare programs that come under the purview of the Federal government (with some autonomy given to states) and are funded through taxpayer money.  Both these programs came into effect when Lyndon Johnson Administration made amendments to the Social Security Act in 1965.  The Medicare program is intended to cater to the healthcare needs of senior American citizens as well as disabled persons.  There are four main parts that constitute the program.  Part A and Part B cover hospital and medical insurance respectively; Part C offers flexibility whereas Part D covers cost of Prescription drugs.  The Medicaid program, on the other hand was created to take . . . Read More

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Catch-22: Orr Character Report

By being the tent companion of the lead protagonist Yossarian, the character of Orr is crucial to the narrative of the novel. Orr is a bomber pilot, who undertakes highly risky bombing operations for his squadron. In his personal exchanges, he comes across as light-hearted, comical and even at times eccentric. And his habitual crash landings even suggest a self-destructive streak. But, in spite of these immediate impressions, Orr turns out to be a shrewd and ingenuous individual who successfully . . . Read More

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