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The advantages and challenges of European integration for business in the 21st century


With Europe being the epicentre of the two Great Wars of the last century, a robust arrangement of cooperation and mutual benefit was made imperative.  With the collapse of the Berlin Wall, an opportunity was created for the erstwhile divided Europe to once again unite under a democratic framework.  On the broader geo-political scale, the rise of the United States of America as the undisputed superpower had made a case for a suitable counterbalance.  The greater integration within Europe, as witnessed in the last two decades is an attempt toward this end.

European integration as it exists today is largely confined to the domain of economics.  In other words, the dismantling of labour movement barriers between nations, the floating of a common currency, the adoption of common laws pertaining to trade and commerce, are all outside the purview of domestic/internal policy.  To this extent, the constituent nations retain their cultural and social . . . Read More

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