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Insight into Egyptian/Greek/Roman funerary rites

My visit to the Art Museum in Seattle has been an illuminating experience.  I felt privileged to be able to look at art objects of ancient civilizations and learn about the richness and sensibilities of cultures long lost.  I was able to look and learn about a broad assortment of artifacts.  For this report, I’ve chosen an Egyptian work that is related to death/funerary rites, namely, The Relief of Montuemhet and his wife Shepenmut, ca. 665 B.C.  This pigment on limestone exhibit was originally excavated from tomb 34 and its dimension is 13 9/16 x 10 7/16 inches.  The work is on display in the fourth floor of Seattle Art Museum, in the Ancient Mediterranean and Islamic Art galleries.  There is a lot that could be read from the selected exhibit, especially pertaining to death and funerary rites of Ancient Egyptian civilization.

The artwork in question belonged to the tomb of Montuemhet – referred to by Egyptologists as TT34.  This tomb is located on the West Bank of . . . Read More

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