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How do adult movies affect our lives?

Despite gaining no legal or religious sanction, the adult movie industry is one of the biggest and thriving contributors to culture and economy.  Here, adult movie is defined as that whose content is majorly comprised of implicit or explicit sexual acts (of various orientations) and action movies that are adult certified due to excessive violence or profanity.  In other words, the term ‘adult movie’ is interpreted in this essay to include hardcore and soft-core pornography, as well as those that are legally permitted but contain sexual content, violence or profanity.   In polite societies and in family environments mere mention of pornography can elicit embarrassment, shock or disgust from people.  But interestingly, such reactions are not pronounced in response to violence and profanity, although these are equally harmful influences.  Nevertheless, while people hesitate to talk about indulgence in pornography in the public space, it continues to be a part of their . . . Read More

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The Negative Effects of Music Videos on our Children


Several studies indicate a correlation between music videos and violent behavior of adolescents. The findings also show a connection between the imagery displayed in the videos and inappropriate sexual attitudes and conduct. The lyrics tend to have a significant corrupting influence on the youth. Particular genres such as hip-hop, gangsta rap and heavy metal are found to be more damaging to children than the rest. The racial attitudes and interpersonal relations of teenagers can be influenced by the music they watch.


Music Videos have defined contemporary culture the last 50 years. The mass appeal of the art form brings with it both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, it inspires, entertains and . . . Read More

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