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Similarities between Monopoly Board and Atlantic City

The Monopoly Board game is one of the most popular board games in twentieth century history. First designed in 1935, the game has sold more than 200 million sets in its 76-year existence. The game is loosely based on Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips’ The Landlord’s Game that she published in 1924. Although intended to bring awareness to the dangers of monopoly to the general public, the game caught the public imagination. And there’s been no looking back since then. In the next decade the game was re-adapted by Charles Darrow for maximum entertainment value under the official name Monopoly. (Orbanes, 2004)

At the time of its design, Atlantic City was a popular upscale tourist retreat. And hence the city was used as a model to fill in the details of the board. Many of the properties printed in the forty spaces in the board are taken after real properties of the same name in the city. But Atlantic City today is a frail shadow of its 1930’s glory. The ravages of the Second . . . Read More

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