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Why do people make Experimental Films?

Experimental filmmakers are a brave breed of creative artists who swim against the popular tide and style. People make experimental films for a variety of reasons. But one core motivation is the faith they have in their directorial ideas. Needless to say, many experimental films don’t see the light of day in terms of commerce. They may not all garner critical acclaim too. Despite these facts, experimental filmmakers continue to crop up only because they don’t give importance to these measures of success. For those embracing this genre, success lies in the fulfillment of the cinematic experiment that they have set out to do.

Deviating from time-tested methods of making films is a risky business. But it is out of such risks that new movements in filmmaking are born. Hence, what is experimental today could be viewed as avant-garde in retrospect. To this extent, this genre of filmmaking plays a crucial role in the development and maturation of the art of cinema. Experimental . . . Read More

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