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Minority parents and child discipline

Parenting styles have always varied from one culture to another.  And despite a degree of homogenization due to large-scale migrations in the 20th century, cultural roots of families continue to bear upon how children are raised.  In the United States, for example, parents from minority ethnicities tend to hold their children to a different standard of discipline than their Caucasian counterparts.  As researcher Lisa Fontes notes in her article that just as areas of emphasis vary between cultures so do modes and methods of punishment.  There are differences in the way children are punished by African American/Southern parents compared to their Caucasian/New England counterparts.  Such variations are seen in other minority groups like Hispanic Americans, Korean Americans, etc.

Chinese and Indian American parents’ methods and attitudes toward child discipline have particularly attracted comment and criticism.  For example, in these communities, emphasis on . . . Read More

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