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Proposing an alternative to the U.S. healthcare system

The United States of America, in spite of being an economic superpower also carries the notoriety for exorbitant healthcare costs and disproportionately poor health outcomes for patients.  Moreover, the present healthcare system is so structured that the world wide economic recession in progress is bound to have serious consequences for the healthcare industry as well.  The new healthcare system being proposed will attempt to tackle these obvious problems while also suggesting improvements for making healthcare delivery more efficient.  The other centerpiece of the proposal is to make health insurance affordable for all Americans so that it serves as an extension of social security in times of distress.

At present health insurance coverage of American citizens is covered by their employers, which puts them in danger of losing insurance along with their jobs.  With the global economic recession more acute here in theU.S., the country has seen unprecedented numbers of job . . . Read More

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