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Honour v Shame in Medieval Literature

Feelings of shame and honour are intrinsic to human nature. They are also universal across cultures and eras. In the three select works of medieval literature we see expression of honour and shame in different contexts. They vary in relevance and intensity in each of the classic works. But what is common is that honour is universally perceived to be a desirable and cherished value. In the same vein, shame is looked down upon and condemned. The rest of this essay will depict how shame and honour are manifest in the three chosen medieval literary works.

In the Tristan and Iseult legend, there is no definitive version of the actual turn of events in the story. Since oral tradition and anonymous/multiple authorship was common to literature of this period, many interpretations and variations have been added over the years. Yet, some strong unifying themes bind the variants together. Notwithstanding the version, we find that shame and honour are recurrent themes in the Tristan and . . . Read More

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My Modest Proposal: A parody on Jonathan Swift’s classic essay

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you are well aware, our country is going through one of its worst economic crisis. Economists have termed it the Great Recession, next only in acuteness to the Great Depression of the early twentieth century. Unemployment has been at unprecedented levels since the 2008 Wall Street crash.  And for those who are lucky enough to retain their jobs, real incomes have stagnated and are barely sufficient. Every aspect of American public life has been affected by the government’s inability to regulate corporations. This is particularly disastrous with respect to the financial sector, where, reckless and greedy methods of garnering short-term profit have led to a catastrophic crash in the stock markets and attendant impairments to the broader economy. But there is nothing inevitable about these outcomes.  Such cycles of boom and bust in capitalist market economies are by no means laws of nature. To the contrary they are totally man made. They are specially . . . Read More

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International Business Report: A Case Study of Ireland

Introduction: Ireland, in spite of carrying several disadvantages compared to its more prosperous neighbours is finally on the ascendancy.  While the European Union as whole goes through similar fortunes and the vagaries of economic development is similar across the region, Ireland seems an exception to this rule.  If the Foreign Direct Investment is taken as a key indicator of economic progress and political stability, then Ireland has shown some promising signs over the last few years.  The rest of the essay is an attempt to understand the conditions that have aided such economic success.  This . . . Read More

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