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A response to The Human Condition: The Public and The Private Realm

The reading titled The Human Condition: The Public and The Private Realm is very informative and insightful.  It deliberates on what all social, psychological and physiological conditions that bears upon the public and private realms.  Indeed, in many cases the very validation of reality happens through the acknowledgement of other occupants of the public space.  The public space is also a manifestation of the private life, in that the “greatest forces of intimate life – the passions of the heart, the thoughts of the mind, the delights of the senses – lead an uncertain, shadowy kind of existence unless and until they are transformed, deprivatized and deindividualized, as it were, into a shape to fit them for public appearance.”  (The Human Condition, p.50)  It is insights such as these which make the reading an invaluable scholarly source on the topic of public/private space.

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