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Threats facing Electronic financial transactions over the Internet

With the development of the Internet in the last twenty years, the nature and manner in which financial transactions are carried out has undergone a sea change. In its early days, the Internet was used solely for purposes of communication. But in recent years the role and scope of the Internet has assumed new dimensions with the introduction of commercial transactions. What has come to be called e-commerce has its origins in the dotcom boom of the late 1990s. But it is only after the inevitable dotcom bust in the early years of the millennium that e-commerce established itself as a viable and dependable method of conducting business. Technological innovation in terms of developing security software aided this process and so did the process of globalization. As a culmination of these parallel but complementary processes, e-commerce in general and electronic financial transactions in particular has firmly taken root in mainstream global economy. While this kind of progress in such a . . . Read More

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