Multimedia Industry: Case Study of EMI Records

EMI Records is a reputed music production and distribution company. It is distinct from others in the music industry from the fact that it always puts the prospects of the artist ahead of the commercial return on the art. Such popular artists as Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush and Robbie Williams have had a long-term business relationship with the company. To this day, it remains a dynamic and innovative label committed to recognizing and supporting fresh musical talent in Europe and America. Eicom’s business is also music based but their focus is on the distribution through television channels. Hence, Eicom and EMI records compete in different markets although they both represent the multimedia industry. The company is in a phase of transformation with the prevalence these days of downloadable music off the internet. EMI is conceiving of a fair and sustainable online business model that will return rich rewards to artists and the label.

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