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What lessons can be learned by leadership displayed by both sides during the Gallipoli Campaign

The Gallipoli Campaign of the First World War is a valuable case study for learning about leadership qualities and styles. Although it is a sad fact that close to 500,000 lives were lost in the campaign, the decisions taken and tactics adopted during the course of these battles would serve present and future generations of military and political leaders. As some historians already point out, the Gallipoli campaign holds a special place in the annals of World War.

Leading a Multicultural Army:

The campaign was witness to some inspiring leadership skills that combined ethical norms, bravery and an astute understanding of the technical aspects of modern warfare. It is a tribute to those great men that they could exercise such superior qualities in the midst of a very unsettling phase in European history. The commanders were often handed charge of troops drawn from various nations. It requires of the leader to be sensitive and understanding of his . . . Read More

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