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The Spanish film Amores Perros: A personal reflection

The Spanish language film Amores Perros, which was first released in 2000, made a strong impression upon my mind.  The most remarkable of its features is the intricate way in which Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu weaves together three distinct narrative sketches into one connected story. Apart from such innovations in narrative technique and plot development, I was impressed by the fact that the movie delves into certain moral questions of human existence.  It holds up a mirror to the human race with all its flaws and the double standards it adopts in treating animals.

Right from the starting sequence till the eventual climax the movie held my attention.  Not only was the story suspense filled and gripping, but it was also fast paced.  But in spite of these exciting aspects, the movie’s probing of ethical question regarding humans and animals is its standout feature.  As much as the directorial excellence the performance rendered by the lead characters is also . . . Read More

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