The decline of Community Oriented Policing since September 11, 2001.

Prior to September 11, 2001 many police agencies nationwide practiced Community Oriented Policing.  The aftermath of 9/11 saw many police agencies revert back to traditional policing.  Describe why you believe this is or is not beneficial for a police organization.

The September 11, 2001 terror attack on American soil, carried out by Al-Qaeda, is a significant politico-historical event in many respects.  In its aftermath the nation saw a slew of counter-terrorism measures, some of which (like the PATRIOT Act) have been very controversial. The effects of stringent security measures that were taken in the wake of 911 have percolated even to the police department.  Since 911 there have been structural and functional changes witnessed in police departments across the country.  A major change is with respect to Community Oriented Policing, which has been nearly done away with.  Although efficiency and rapid co-ordination to act upon intelligence has been cited as major reasons for the change, the move is not without its drawbacks.  One of the major drawback for abandoning COP is the diminished perception of the police department in the eyes of the general public.  The friendly, one-among-us feel of a police officer of yesteryear has been replaced by an image of an artillery-heavy pointsman who mechanically executes government orders.  In other words, police officers in the post-911 era have come to symbolize ruthless and rule-obsessed enforcers of law.  What aggravates the present situation is the negative public appraisal of the so called counter-terror measures since 911. Most of these legislations have eaten away at hard-fought civil liberties.  The high-handed operating style of the contemporary police team adds to the grievance of the citizenry. Although there might be some advantages for the police department in terms of organization, efficiency and expedient execution of orders, the abandoning of Community Oriented Policing is a negative outcome for American society.  It is the duty of the public and their representatives alike to remedy the situation.