Influence of television in our society

Media is very important in today’s world, especially television.  We now live in the Information Age and it is through media that information is transmitted.  In olden days, media was not developed properly and so transmitting information was difficult.  Starting from newspapers and magazines, technology had improved steadily to give us radio and television.  More recently it has given us the Internet.  Television plays an important role by giving us news and analysis about important events across the world.  Television has both good influences and bad influences on society.  The following essay will talk about these in detail.

There is no doubt that Television has many good influences.  Firstly, Television is an audio/visual medium making it easy for the audience to follow programs.  It uses graphics, sound recording and film technology to bring lively and interesting material to the enjoyment of the audience.  Many people when they come back from office or school switch on the Television and relax themselves.  More importantly, it also provides news bulletins and science programs for gaining knowledge.  For school-going children it offers sport programming like live baseball telecast, etc.  All this are very useful and perform an important social role.  In fact, Television has become such an important part of everyday life that we cannot imagine how life will be without Television. (Bignell, 2004)

Television has been used for the purpose of education as well.  For example, class-rooms can show students interesting movies that are part of the curriculum.  Class-room can also show recorded lectures and science documentaries.  With respect to society, Television brings awareness about global issues so that all of us can act together.  One example of this is global warming, about which information is provided in Television.  With this we can act together and save the planet.  Television also has plenty of advertisements.  While some ads can be boring, some others provide information about products, which we can use when we go shopping.  (Noll, 2011)

Television not only performs a social role but also a family role.  It brings all members of family together during evenings.  In fact, it has become part of family routine at dinner time.  Television gives news about weather conditions.  We can take precautions against rain and storm by watching weather news.  Also, Television is used these days in closed-circuit cameras for security reasons.

On the negative side too, there are many points.  First, watching Television for long time is bad for the eyes.  Television can distract students from focussing on studies.  It can make young children lazy and keep them away from books and sports.  Parents are especially worried that Television has bad effect on society as it shows violence and crime.  Young people can get the wrong idea about life watching such programs. For example, a young person watching use of guns on Television might later kill someone with a gun in real life.  So it is very dangerous in cases like this.  It also gives wrong idea about how to treat women, etc.  In other words, Television can show women in stereotype fashion.  Hence, not everything about Television is good. (Freedman, 2002)

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