The Creative and Powerful Brand Positioning of an Audi Advertisement:

The ad is an excellent example of making every second count. These days, car manufacturers are attempting to find ever more engaging or glamorous dressing up for new models as the competition is very intense. Every second must be made to count and there is no time to be wasted. The key here is to make the message interesting while also being informative. The ad in discussion is satisfactory on these counts.

The ad fits perfectly with the broader marketing philosophy adopted by Audi. The company has been a pioneer in exploring marketing niches in emerging media. In many ways its multi-pronged marketing strategy target audiences through television and Internet. In fact, the luxury car brand was a pioneer in making video ad campaigns on internet-connected TVs in the UK. Its campaigns, which are handled by WPP media agency and MediaCom, had made available “an Audi channel through connected TVs, with content similar to that on the website.” (“Audi Blazes Trail in,” 2011, p. 3) Such an integrated marketing approach is typical of Audi’s marketing culture, which is always trying to identify novel ways to launch vehicles. The ad being discussed is similar in spirit and effect to that of its A7 Sportback model campaign. The latter successful campaign was captioned ‘Imagination meets Engineering’. It would not be out of place to adapt the same caption to the chosen ad as well. The best way to gauge the effectiveness of these ads is by looking at the revenues and market share they’ve helped to grow. In the UK, for example, thanks in large to these successful ad campaigns, new registrations for Q1 2011 rose by 4.9%. Likewise, the market share too rose by 5.9%. (“Audi Blazes Trail in,” 2011, p. 3)

Hence, the Audi ad is brilliant in conception, optimal in its audio-visual expression and delivers a powerful message to the audience. It satisfies this assessment through several measures. First, though the ad runs for only 30 seconds it packs layers of meaning and symbolisms. Likewise, the ad is able to convert the logo into an emblem. It also cleverly attacks several other competing brands within the short duration. Also, the ad is an excellent illustration of making every second count. And, finally, the ad is consistent with the broader marketing vision of the company.

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