Paris (2008) by Cedric Klapisch

The movie I chose for this exercise is titled Paris, released in 2008.  This is a French language movie that I watched with English subtitles. Written and directed by Cedric Klapisch, the film stars Juliette Binoche, Romain Duris and Fabrice Luchini.

While watching the movie on my laptop computer, I was able to identify some key differences when compared to watching it in a theatre. First of all, I could seat myself in my favourite couch in a laid back fashion with my legs stretched out.  Hence, the personal comfort factor was a positive.  Watching in a theatre would have required some degree of formal clothing and sitting posture in comparison.

Secondly, the ‘pause’ option offered by movie playing software like Windows Media Player or VLC is invaluable in its utility.  When I received a phone call, I could just ‘pause’ the film where it was and continue after finishing the call.  This is not possible in the theatre setting.  Similarly, I could rewind and replay sequences that I did not properly understand.  This feature is quite empowering, in that I could ‘study’ the movie in detail instead of passively watching it.

The larger-than-life projection of movie on a theatre screen is something I missed.  This is particularly so during the opening sequence when key landmarks of Paris city were showcased from various angles.  The grandeur of this coverage was lacking on the laptop screen.  I also missed the Dolby Surround Sound experience, as the laptop speakers purely serve a functional purpose.

Hence, on balance, there are some advantages and some drawbacks to watching a movie in my laptop as opposed to watching it in a theatre.