Critical Review: James Bond film Golden Eye

James Bond movies are a total entertainment package. They contain action, suspense and an element of romance. In the film Golden Eye, all these elements are very well integrated into a cohesive and coherent plot. Two features have particularly caught my attention. These are its charismatic hero and well laid out plot.

Pierce Brosnan fits perfectly as the lead character. He is charming, handsome and carries himself with a sense of style.

Brosnan’s acting too deserves credit, for playing James Bond is a unique challenge. Not since Sean Connery has a Bond actor captured the imagination of the audience in this fashion. Brosnan brings his own natural personality to bear upon the role of the savvy sophisticated spy.

From spinning around in his favourite Aston Martin to ordering his drink in the inimitable style, Brosnan carries out trademark Bond sequences with grace. The inevitable ‘Bond…James Bond’ dialogue was delivered to great effect.
Ever since Ian Fleming’s novels gained popular success forty years ago, the franchise of James Bond has grown exponentially. Today, the film adaptations are better remembered than the original books. This is due to the facility of the cinematic medium to carry out the thick, action-packed drama of Bond stories. This we can clearly witness in the case of Golden Eye.

The key to the film is its very well woven plot, which has the right balance of action, drama and surprise twists. By bringing back Soviet-era espionage, the creative team invokes nostalgia. The drama and high-stakes involved in the Cold-War era add their own unique flavour.

It had been a great thrill watching Golden Eye. I would rate it as one of the best Bond films across eras. The pan-global theatre in which the Cold-War era intrigue is set makes for a tantalising viewing. From Monte Carlo to London to St. Petersberg, all the complexities of international high diplomacy are portrayed with finesse.

In sum, the most attractive features in the film are its well-developed plot and the heroism of the lead character. The film is well worth our time and money. I would recommend the film to all my friends. I am sure the film will inspire the viewer to explore the genre of Bond films further.