People without college degrees can still chart lucrative career paths

It is usually believed that people who complete higher education earn bigger incomes than the rest. While this is generally true, it would be over-simplistic to assume that those who do not attend college would have to remain within low socio-economic demographic group. This essay will exemplify the view that many lucrative career options are available even if one has not attended college.

The manufacturing industry creates thousands of jobs each year. Those individuals who have an aptitude for mechanics can apply for these jobs. One does not need to be college educated to land these jobs, as most of the relevant training would be provided on the job, as part of the initiation and induction process. Some of the southern states in the U.S.A. have huge automobile manufacturing plants which offer lucrative career options for those with the right attitude to work. Of course, the entry level positions in these industries cannot be called lucrative. But with the gaining of work experience, one can expect to rise up the industry ladder and get into supervisory and management positions that are more lucrative. Of course, this would require dedication and persistence on part of the aspirant.

The minimum wage laws that have been enacted over the last few decades have opened up new vistas of opportunity for lucrative careers. Jobs that were traditionally perceived as tough and hazardous are now offered with reasonable security backups. The mining industry is one such example, where workers are paid on an hourly basis and where minimum wage laws are applied. The laws also make it mandatory for employers to provide medical insurance for the workers. The workers are also empowered with legal provisions such as “class-action lawsuits”, which helps them to raise collective demands. The recent years have seen inclusion of more women into these conventionally men’s jobs. Those who have not attended college can apply for these opportunities. The suitable candidates for these jobs would have undergone some basic vocational training, or are willing to take up an apprentice position initially.

A career in politics is something that is open to all citizens. While it is true that most politicians today have completed college, the recent revival in grassroots political movements should encourage broader public participation. A political career is different from others in that it should result from a genuine interest in public service. It is unethical for an individual to pursue a political career with power and wealth in mind. Having said so, it does offer reasonable remuneration for those who enter it with genuine conviction and public spirit. For example, Senators in the U.S.A. earn upwards of $200,000 a year, which is a substantial income. Even elected members of the Congress and local governing bodies are paid well.

Hence, in conclusion, it could be asserted that a college degree is not the only way for establishing a lucrative career. As the above mentioned work avenues suggest, with the right attitude to work, an aptitude for the specificities of the job and a general spirit of enterprise is all that is required to chart out a successful and lucrative career path. This prospect is made more viable by recent legislative changes that have skewed the balance in favor of employees.