How effective are aerobic exercises in burning fat?

Aerobic exercise, which can take the form of jogging, cycling, etc is one of the most effective way of burning fat in the body. So there is veracity to the hype surrounding this form of exercise, in terms of its ability to tone down body fat. Physiotherapists have identified a generic formula for determining the requisite heart rate at which fat burning happens. Usually the optimal heart rate to be maintained during aerobic exercise is determined by the formula 220 minus age, multiplied by 0.75. Though this is an approximate calculation, it has consistently proven that maintaing heart rate at this level will aid the fat burning process.

But in recent years, physiotherapists have discovered that aerobic exercises might not work for all individuals. It is identified that regular aerobic workouts plateaus after two months, beyond which it is not an effective way of burning fat. Aerobic training is also said to increase oxidative and adrenal stress making the individual prone to aging and even gaining weight. And aerobic training can actually be counterproductive for individuals who are highly stressed.

So in order for the exerciser to attain maximum results for the effort he/she is putting in, an ideal balance of aerobic and anaerobic routines have to be combined. And instead of always performing aerobic exercises in air conditioned environments, one can go out and do them in natural settings like a park. In other words, indoor regimens can be supplemented with outdoor regimens to gain maximum benefits. Activities such as trekking and skiing can also be effective alternatives to aerobics. Swimming is also known to aid in fat burning, and which can serve as an alternative to regular aerobic routines prescribed in a gymnasium.