Critical Analysis of Supervision for Learning: A Performance-Based Approach To Teacher Development and School Improvement by James M. Aseltine, Judith O. Faryniarz and Anthony J. Rigazio-DiGilio

In conclusion, what the country needs is an urgent revamp of the education system, not merely enhancements to supervision techniques and insubstantial claims to school improvement. Cosmetic changes here and there would not produce the desired results. Instead, what is needed is a rethink on the fundamental reasons for education. As it stands today, education is synonymous with training young people with technical skills that they can sell in the job market. But unless education is restored to its Enlightenment Era conception of an end in itself, the country will not see progress. Ideally, fields and disciplines in the arts, such as music, literature, and the visual arts, are given more importance than technical training. If education continues to adopt the same model that is prevalent today, then it is a disservice for human potential, as well as for the noble profession of education itself. Unless educators and administrators take a bold step forward and adopt progressive education systems, like the one proposed by John Dewey, education will cease to hold any moral value in the future.


Aseltine, J.M., Faryniarz, J.O., & Rigazio-DiGilio, A.J. Supervision for learning: A performance-based approach to teacher development and school improvement. Virginia (VA): Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ACSD). 2006.

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