The Real World Case mentions several organizations. For each organisation, discuss the business drivers for that organisation to expand globally.

The main companies discussed in the Real World Case are Cadbury, Forrester Research and A.T.Kearney.
The case of Cadbury’s expansion into emerging economies is discussed at length. As affluence levels increase in emerging markets, the consumer base for chocolate-based sweets also increases. Since chocolate-based sweets are not a subsistence commodity, its consumption is directly correlated to affluence levels. In the era of globalization, many suitable markets have opened up for companies such a Cadbury spanning different continents. The appeal of chocolates and sweets is universal and is not restricted by cultural sensibilities and norms. As a result, Cadbury is well placed to exploit a lucrative, erstwhile untapped, market for chocolates and sweets in developing countries.

Forrester Research is a services company and not a products company. This could work to their advantage, as they could offer their services to a range of industries venturing into developing markets. Their experience in conducting extensive consumer research in emerging economies is a great strength. The inferences, insights and information databases assembled so far are valuable aides to products based companies which are trying to get a foothold in previously unexplored markets. For example, Forrester Research could be the perfect ally for companies such as Cadbury in setting in motion the latter’s vision for a global presence. The advantage for companies such as Forrester Research is that their domain expertise and country-specific experience is of value to a wide range of new entrants studying the market. So the company is set to prosper by establishing a presence in all the emerging economic hubs across the globe.

A.T. Kearney is another consultancy services firm that is a competitor to Forrester Researcher. In this respect, many of the opportunities available to Forrester Researcher are of interest to A.T. Kearney as well. A.T. Kearney has a specialization in IT consultancy, which puts it at an advantage over generic market consultancy firms. The company can tap into the need for new entrants to integrate their local information systems to the global system already in place. This is not a straight-forward process and requires a keen understanding of local infrastructure limitations, talent supply and legal regulations. Hence by developing an expertise in this niche domain, A.T. Kearney can garner a global presence as a consultancy and advisory firm.


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